Women in Computing at Carleton University

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Countless studies prove time and time again: DIVERSITY MATTERS.

We know it, we believe it, and we want it. We, as the Carleton Women in Computer Science (WiCS), crave this more than anything. We believe that diversity, inclusion, and equality creates an unstoppable force of amazing innovation and change.

Carleton WiCS comprises of members at Carleton University with the mission to establishing a positive environment for women in computing at all academic levels.


Undergraduate and Graduate Community Building

WiCS meetings are held twice a term and speakers from industry and academia are invited to come and share their career experience with students.

Student Mentorship Program

This mentorship program helps to connect CS students. We pair upper-level female mentors with freshman women to provide them with guidance in their first years. The events include technical workshops, social gatherings, and discussion circles about common issues that students face.

Supporting Conference Attendance

We’re a huge fan of conferences. WiCS coordinates and financially supports the participation of Carleton CS female students to attend conferences involving women in computing (e.g., Grace Hopper, CAN-CWiC, etc.).